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Homeschool Buyers Co-op BBB Business Review

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The Co-op appreciates your supportive comments. If the Co-op has been of service to you in helping you find and purchase home school curriculum and you would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”Whenever I have had difficulty with Reading Assistant Plus, your staff has answered my questions within a day with the information I needed. I could not ask for better customer service.”
robert ruth, Co-op Member
”I purchased two Homeschool ID Cards. I was impressed with the quality! I will definitely purchase again in the new school year!”
Lisa Hayes, Co-op Member
”Fantastic customer support! The Co-op is very responsive and has worked on my behalf to contact suppliers to work out subscriptions concerns/questions. I trust and rely on the Co-op to make homeschool applications/apps positive and efficient!”
Molly L., Co-op Member
”Homeschool Buyers Co-op has helped us get the best deals possible on great curriculum choices. They have also been very responsive and helpful on the rare occasion that I have had an issue with a purchase.”
Amy H., Co-op Member
”We have been overjoyed to find Homeschool Buyers Co-op. We have been home educating our children for several years. With only three students, we didn't qualify for discounts that were offered to groups. This Co-op makes it possible to get in on amazing discounts for products that are worth buying. It is a blessing to our family. It's free to join, they are able to offer amazing discounts, and members receive points for making a purchase. The monthly selections can't be beat. In over 10 years of homeschooling, this is absolutely the very best platform we have ever been able to find.”
Paul and Tammy, Co-op Member
”The Co-op has the best prices and great customer service. I will order from them again. Thanks!”
Lannie, Co-op Member
”Prices are amazing! Information is plentiful. Seamless transactions and very easy to navigate.”
Mom of 4, Co-op Member
”This Co-op has been a game changer for our homeschool. Where I might have otherwise had to pick and choose which curriculum to try this year and wait until another year if that one didn't work for us, I was able to afford to purchase the materials I needed when I needed them as determined by the needs of our children. Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op!!”
K Hollis, Co-op Member
”How could I have lived without this service for so long! Thank you Co-op for making learning accessible to all through your organization, discounts, access to quality materials, and good customer service!”
Quality mom, Co-op Member
”We love the Co-op! Thanks to huge discounts and limited trials, we have found many useful tools to use in our homeschool. We will continue to be a part of Homeschool Buyers Co-op from now on! Thanks!”
S.Allen, Co-op Member
”I first learned about this when a friend shared an article about Tim Tebow's partnership with you. I have found some great programs for my kids at good prices (especially if I catch a sale). The one time I had an issue with a purchase it was addressed and resolved very quickly. I would absolutely recommend Homeschool Buyers Co-op to others!”
C. Bernard, Co-op Member
”Thank you HBSC!! I am so thankful for how you help me provide excellent curricula to my children and save me lots of money at the same time!”
Christine, Co-op Member
”Thanks guys for everything yall do to help homeschooled families. It is very much appreciated.”
Amanda kelly, Co-op Member
”This is my favorite homeschool curriculum shop. They really do offer the lowest prices, all the time (believe me, I've checked). It's been a huge time saver as far as price comparison goes, and because they notify me about sales, I never miss out on the best deal possible. I've also stumbled across fun and engaging electives that I wouldn't have even thought of if it weren't for the sale emails I receive. Definitely recommend joining; you will love the time saved on price comparisons and watching for sales from multiple companies.”
Heather L., Co-op Member
”I consider the Co-op an essential part of our homeschool. It introduces me to curriculum I wouldn't find otherwise and offers it at great prices!”
Mary A., Co-op Member
”I've been homeschooling for over 20 years and discovered the Homeschool Buyer's co-op fairly early on in the journey. Since then, the Co-op has been a regular source of curriculum and inspiration for our homeschooling. I've gotten some amazing deals along the way and learned about many, many fantastic products for the first time from the Co-op. Thanks Homeschool Buyers Co-op for going on this homeschooling journey with us - 21 years down, only about 8 more to go!”
Mary, Co-op Member
”Great and the kindest staff in the world. They never get upset or make customers disappointed. Thank you a lot for all your effort!”
Jinny J., Co-op Member
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