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Homeschool Buyers Co-op

This has been a wonderful resource for us. I initially wanted it just for science, but it was expensive--and now I see how much more we use it for. This year, we learned biology and history, and we will be taking the college level courses next year. I will decide at the end of the year whether to move up to the college accelerator, but my daughter is learning so much and what's more, she's retaining it and can explain it to other people. That's the proof that this approach works. Definitely worth the money--I don't know that we could afford thi...(more)
M. Borrego, Co-op Member
We have been using this year to enhance my son's learning of US History. He has been using Holt McDougal US History text that we also purchased from Homeschool Buyers Co-op and he uses the video lessons that correspond with the textbook. It has helped make history exciting and come alive for him. They do a great job with the lessons and then there are quizzes that help make sure he's understanding the material covered. I would recommend to others.
Tiffany, Co-op Member
As a user of for the last couple of months, I find the short videos and transcripts informative and helps me retain information for the quizzes and the final exam. I have also referred several people to use as it allows adults or youth to obtain college credit after passing the course.

I would highly recommend for adults or students looking for ACE/NCCRS college recommended credits; they can be done cheap/easy/fast with - it is one of the better options available for everyone to use, especially if th...(more)
DCCLOUIE, Co-op Member
Out of all my kids educational choices, they really enjoyed the videos on the most. They thought they were interesting. Short and funny, yet direct. Taking the quizzes after was a big help for retention. We did find that their college of choice accepted 'college credit transfers' from and we will explore that option for next school year.
Nita, Co-op Member
We started off with a bad start when charged us twice while setting up an account . But Home school buyers co-op intervened and was very nice to correct the issue and even give us an extra month for the lost time. Now about the product- it is an awesome tool for the entire family. They have great videos and questions accompanying them. We have used it for all the subjects. I will definitely be renewing it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a site that does it all. My DD even found vocabulary words to ...(more)
Iyer N, Co-op Member
I don't usually write testimonials however, I believe this program would benefit many students. I have personally watched quite a few of the programs and think the instructors are excellent. My son who is 15 years old very much enjoys the lessons on He watches the short videos, reads the transcripts, takes a short quiz and chapter tests. The lesson's list "outcomes" at the end, which lets him review and make sure that he knows what is expected of him. He is taking History 101, Geometry 101, Biology 101, English 101. He already p...(more)
Deborah, Co-op Member
We had actually been using as a family for more than a year, through a partial "scholarship" which they had given us. When the group buy came out through Homeschool Buyers Coop, we jumped on it.

In that first year, our 12 and 13 year old studied biology from a high quality textbook, and did corresponding workbooks. They also worked their way through all of the 245 college-level biology lessons in At the end of the year, they both passed the Biology CLEP exam - earning 6 credits each, with scores of 64 and 67 (50 is ...(more)
Scott from VT, Co-op Member has allowed my autistic son the opportunity to not just attend college from home, but thrive. The joy, excitement, and learning taking place is wonderful to see as a parent. Without the Co-op's discount, I would not have been able to afford this life-changing chance for my son. -Thank you!
John T., Co-op Member
I'm actually the student writing the testimonial. I live with my grandma and our only income comes from her social security and my part-time job; most of the money from my job goes towards my music lessons. For various reasons, neither public nor private schools are options for me, either, but thanks to this discount, I can afford a quality education. I've always been in the gifted program when in public schools, but now I can progress rapidly, at my own pace, in my advanced and college-level courses! I've completed algebra II, 70% of trigonom...(more)
Faith R, Co-op Member
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