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We have had the Rosetta Stone French for a little over a month. I love the way the lessons are laid out, it's very intuitive and organic. The use of headphones and microphone enable the student to repeat the word/phrase until the pronunciation is correct. We recently traveled to France and were able to communicate effectively with the native speakers.
V. Caton, Co-op Member
We currently have four of our children learning Spanish through RS. It is so nice to not EVER have to ask them to go work on their Spanish. If anything, I have to intervene during the "disagreements" of who gets to go next!
chris h, Co-op Member
I am really glad that I jumped on the Co-op offer to buy Rosetta Stone at a discounted price. I only wish that we had started this program three years ago! My husband and I have really wanted to include Spanish foreign classes into our homeschool. As a mom of 4 small children, it was just one more thing for me to have to manage and to fit into an already busy schedule. There just aren't enough hours in my day to get everything done. With my Rosetta Stone purchase, I am able to incorporate Spanish lessons into our day and it is passive for me. I...(more)
G. M., Co-op Member
Great way to learn a new language! I have kids in homeschooling and kids at school taking the same language class. And, definitely, my homeschooled kids have learned more in a more relaxed environment and at their own pace with Rosetta-Stone Homeschooling edition. They have even started talking between them in French (in short sentences), after just a few months. I was initially reluctant to do it. But, I have seen the results really fast. They learn to speak correctly, to read, and to write a new language quite fast. Even my 7th grader ...(more)
Tere, Co-op Member
My daughter is in 6th grade and enjoys the interactive nature of Rosetta Stone. The package comes with a headset and students pronounce words into the microphone. The computer rates the student on their pronunciation. This is a great advantage over other foreign language programs. The homeschool edition, which is sold through the Co-op, has printable tests and quizes for every unit which make assessment very easy for the parent who doesn't speak the language. You can also pick the difficulty of the program. The easiest pace only has the s...(more)
Kim M., Co-op Member
My children have wanted to study a language for so long. I knew Rosetta Stone was the program I wanted them to use, but could not afford the $500kids price tag! When this deal came through I was so pleased to be able to take advantage of it. Rosetta Stone offers the options and independance needed to complete our homeschool program.
Kristina M., Co-op Member
i LOVE Rosetta Stone (mostly because it works, and my kids like it more than any other language program we've tried).
Ramona, Co-op Member
Rosetta Stone is easy to use, yet challenging. My son and I are almost through with Level 1 and both have been challenged and are learning. My son really likes that he walks away from a lesson having LEARNED, unlike with other programs we have tried in the past. The pictures are terrific and really help cement the words and their meanings. We are looking forward to starting our Level 2 soon. Also, Homeschool Buyers Co-op rewarded us with enough SmartPoints that we were able to purchase a license for another terrific program they offer. Thank yo...(more)
Elizabeth H., Co-op Member
We have been using Rosetta Stone for a short time, just over a month, really, and my daughter can already speak sentences in Italian. She loves the program and is learning a lot at a rapid pace. She might even call it her favorite subject. I like the fact that we can use it for multiple students and plan on using it for my other children in the future, which makes the investment go much further!
Abigail M., Co-op Member
My 13 year old son, who has tried other language learning software, had this to say about Rosetta, "It's very promising. I like it." As his mother, I notice that he willingly does his Spanish when asked and doesn't "moan" or "whine" as he used to do when using other softwares. I have told all the parents of his friends who are happy to have a happy learner in their house!
Nancy B., Co-op Member
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