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In this issue:

  • It's STEM Month at the Co-op!
  • Community Update -- Spend Your SmartPoints, STEM Contest, NEW Free Webinar and more

  • Deals of the Day -- DreamBox Learning, Knowre and Learn Math Fast Systems,

  • Deals of the Week -- LAST CALL! - Learning A-Z Week and

  • GroupBuy Roundup:

    • LAST CALL  - Always Icecream & Clever Dragons, Redbird Mathematics & Language Arts, College Prep Genius, and Dave Ramsey

    • LAST CALL FOREVER - Family Time Fitness

    • NEW - Veritas Press Self-Paced Online Courses and Miacademy

    • Member Meter -

  • Free Curriculum Discoveries and their ClickSchooling Reviews
  • Cathy Duffy Reviews
  • Just for Fun

What's Happening at the Co-op...

Please join us in giving a hearty Co-op "Welcome!" to 642 new homeschool families in the last week!

Spend your SmartPoints: Do you have Co-op SmartPoints you've been waiting to spend on the perfect curriculum or supplement for your homeschool? If so, take a look at our SmartPoints Spend 'Em page for award-winning curriculum that can be purchased with your SmartPoints! Just -- click here.

STEM Contest This Month - Get a Chance to Win!

STEM Contest This Month - Get a Chance to Win!

For many, science, technology, and math are among the hardest subjects to teach, but also very rewarding. Share your favorite science, technology or math teaching tip with our community, and get a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

So, click here to tell us what you do to keep your science, engineering and/or math teaching exciting for your student(s). We'd love to hear your ideas as your posts will remain on this page to provide ideas and inspiration to other homeschool teachers, too!

NEW Free Webinar - How to Ace the SAT - Tuesday, 9/25, 11 AM PT

<i>NEW</i> Free Webinar - How to Ace the SAT

Test-prep Guru and creator of College Prep Genius, Jean Burk, will share her secrets of SAT success that have helped tens of thousands of students raise their test scores as much as 600 points! Discover how this is a learnable test and every question can be answered in 30 seconds or less. Learn how to find shortcuts in test patterns and save time on all types of questions. Math, Writing, Reading and Essay are all covered in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If you have kids in high school, you can't miss this seminar about preparing them for the SAT!

Click here for more details and to register.

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Deals of the Day - Today Only!

Last Call for Deals of the Day

TODAY ONLY (September 20, 2018), purchase any of these Deals of the Day and receive Bonus SmartPoints. Don't miss these BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET!

NOTE: The Deals of the Day SmartPoints listed above will be awarded based on purchases made TODAY ONLY and are awarded at the time of purchase. For the products with Bonus SmartPoints, after today, we will continue to offer the BEST DEAL ON THE PLANET for them but the SmartPoints will be reduced or removed altogether.
Deals of the Week - LAST CALL!

It's Learning A-Z Week - BIG Savings + Get up to 1,000 SmartPoints

It's Learning A-Z Week - BIG Savings + Get up to 1,000 SmartPoints

Learning A-Z is a leading provider of digital delivered teaching products that support instruction and student growth in reading, writing, and science.

We are pleased to offer up to 56% savings on these GroupBuy offers for award-winning Learning A-Z programs including:

Plus, if you purchase this week from any of the Learning A-Z GroupBuys, you'll also get up to 1,000 SmartPoints which you can then use to purchase additional award-winning curriculum and supplements at the Co-op! - Save 35% - Save 35%

Save 35% on a year of unparalleled math and science learning from

Brilliant helps your child deeply understand math and science concepts through active learning and problem solving. It breaks up concepts into bite-sized chunks, explains the “why” and “how”, and illustrates through real-world applications.

Note: You will be purchasing directly from and will be subject to the terms and conditions on their site.

GroupBuy Roundup

Always Icecream & Clever Dragons - Save up to 60% - Extended Savings Ends Today, 9/20!

Always Icecream & Clever Dragons - Save up to 60%

It's LAST CALL to save up to 60% on Always Icecream and Clever Dragons.

Always Icecream and Clever Dragons, play and learn websites for girls and boys in grades K-8th, strive to offer fun and relevant drills plus new specially made teaching videos in core academic subjects embedded in a safe, engaging and rewarding environment.

Not only do members save up to 60% on a flexible selection of subscriptions, but when you order, you receive your access within one business day.

Redbird Mathematics & Language Arts ( - Exclusive Savings! - Ends Mon., 9/24!

Redbird Mathematics & Language Arts ( - Exclusive Savings!

It's LAST CALL for GroupBuy savings on Redbird Mathematics and Redbird Language Arts & Writing from McGraw Hill Education. Redbird is a highly-personalized, adaptive online curriculum developed by Stanford University and was built on the same platform as

For those familiar with the 3-month subscriptions for which were offered for $68 (and are no longer available anywhere), the bundle of Redbird Mathematics and Redbird Language Arts & Writing for a full year's subscription for $99 represents great value. Or, subscribe to the standalone Redbird Mathematics for one student for only $79 for a full year's access.

College Prep Genius - Save 21% + Get 1,500 SmartPoints - Ends 9/27!

College Prep Genius - Save 21% + Get 1,500 SmartPoints

Does your student get nervous about test taking? If so, take a look at the College Prep Genius Comprehensive eCourse, an award-winning SAT and PSAT/NMSQT test preparation program created by SAT Instructor and homeschooling mom, Jean Burk!

This course is designed to help students master the strategies behind the PSAT and SAT tests in order to improve their overall performance.

The College Prep Genius Comprehensive eCourse annual subscription retails for $189, but, exclusively through the Co-op, we're able to offer it for $149 - that's a 21% savings. Plus, we will throw in 1,500 Bonus SmartPoints to make this deal even sweeter. If you have a student taking the SAT soon, this could be the online course for your homeschool.

Dave Ramsey Finance Curriculum - Save up to 50% - Ends 9/27!

Dave Ramsey Finance Curriculum - Save up to 50%

It's LAST CALL at the Co-op for special savings from Dave Ramsey, the nationally syndicated financial guru.

Co-op members save up to 50% on tons of choices for kids and teens. This GroupBuy offers titles for Middle School through High School, both in print and digital formats. Dave is here for a limited time, so jump in this GroupBuy today!

Available to ship to U.S. Destinations as well as Canadian (surcharges apply for Canadian shipping)


Family Time Fitness - Save 80% - Ends 9/30!

Family Time Fitness - Save 80%

Members save 80% on a 5-year family subscription to Fitness 4 Homeschool, an award-winning, online fitness program for homeschoolers from Family Time Fitness. A subscription to Fitness 4 Homeschool, is designed to be done at home and can be done indoors or outside and gives you a wealth of information and resources that can get your entire family on the path to fitness

Family Time Fitness will be leaving the Co-op in September so if you're interested in this curriculum for your back-to-school, jump in now!


Veritas Press: Self-Paced Online Courses - Save $100 + Get 1000 SmartPoints

Veritas Press: Self-Paced Online Courses - Save $100 + Get 1000 SmartPoints

Are you looking for a convenient, time-saving way to teach history and bible? Would you like an award-winning curriculum at an amazing price? Does your child prefer interactive teaching, clever games, engaging video footage, and talking historical characters to get them excited about learning? Then we may have the answer for you!

The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to present the best deal anywhere for Veritas Press Self-Paced Online Courses, an award-winning, online, self-paced history course for grades 7-12.

Members save $100 on your choice of courses. Plus we make the deal even sweeter by adding 1000 SmartPoints.

Miacademy - Save up to 56%

Miacademy - Save up to 56%

Created by the producers of Always Icecream and Clever Dragons, Miacademy from MiaPlaza, Inc. not only teaches a wide range of academic subjects including math, language arts, science, Bible, geography, history, foreign languages (including Latin & Greek), music, arts, and typing, but it is also a fully integrated online learning community where kids learn and practice academics, real-world practical skills and online socialization skills (digital citizenship) altogether.

Members save up to 56% on Miacademy.

Member Meter

Member Meter Intro

Negotiating and sponsoring GroupBuy savings is an expensive and time-consuming proposition, but we love doing it, especially when there is strong member interest.

This section of the newsletter is your opportunity to see -- and influence -- what programs and products we bring to our membership.

Please take a look, then let us know: What do you think?

If you are a fan of Drive Thru History®, now you can join Dave Stotts in a new online subscription -- One subscription is good for the entire family and includes access to four online courses with more to come – The Gospels, Acts to Revelation, American History and Ancient History.

Each weekly “Adventure” for children age 12 and up includes watching a history video, readings, Q&A and all the while learning with Dave on some great field trips around the world where he introduces additional subjects like geography, archaeology, classic art and Christian worldview. Younger children (ages 5-11) can also enjoy the videos.

The courses contain:
  • Acts to Revelation – Receive early access to the newest 18-week series as it is released now through January and walk in the footsteps of the first Christians (half of the lessons are already available)
  • The Gospels – 18-week trip through Israel, exploring the life of Jesus as covered in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
  • American History – 12-week trip through early American History, from Columbus to the Constitution
  • Ancient History – 12-week trip through the empires of Greece, Rome and Asia Minor

Exclusively through the Co-op, we would be able to offer this new annual subscription for $99 (retail price $124.99 – saving you 21%) plus each subscription includes a FREE DVD copy of "The Gospels" ($89.99 retail price) and a free one-year subscription to Adventures TV. You can even sign up for a free 7-day trial here.
Take a look and let us know:  What do you think?
Free Curriculum

FREE Curriculum from ClickSchooling

FREE Curriculum from ClickSchooling

Does it seem like you spend countless hours searching the internet for resources, games, worksheets, and more for your children? Well, look no further!

The Co-op is pleased to offer our members a database of free curriculum and other educational resources from our ClickSchooling partner. This week, we offer these free curriculum discoveries and their ClickSchooling reviews.

Please let us know if YOU find any great educational websites!
Cathy Duffy Reviews
By special arrangement with Cathy Duffy (author of the new "102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum"), Co-op members hear about Cathy's latest reviews.

Don't forget that the Co-op has BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET for many of
Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks!

Get the Best Deal Anywhere for Cathy Duffy Top Picks.

And, if you're not sure which curriculum might be right for your child, take a look at Cathy's 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum -- and save 50% on the various eBook editions, if you purchase through the Co-op!
Just for Fun

Do you have any videos, games, jokes, quotes or other light-hearted or inspirational Internet discoveries that you would like to share with us? Tell us about it.
We appreciate you at the Co-op!

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