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  • It's Electives Month at the Co-op!
  • GroupBuy Roundup:

    • LAST CALL! - Rosetta Stone Homeschool Online

    • FLASH SALE! - Math Mammoth

    • NEW - Greenlight Debit Card,, CuriosityStream, ReadingIQ, Adventure Academy, and Shmoop

    • NEW PREMIUM OFFER! - Virtua - Exclusive Premium Curriculum Collection

    • Deals of the Day -- Discovery Education Streaming Plus, MyBoardShare, Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks eBook Edition and FieldTripZoom

    • Deals of the Week -- LAST CALL! -, Q Wunder and Brainology

    • Electives Month --, Digital Theatre Plus and more

  • Free Curriculum!

  • In the Pipeline - Magic School Bus Science Club and Clear Water Press - Cover Story, One Year Adventure Novel, Byline

  • Cathy Duffy Reviews

  • Homeschool Garden

  • Just for Fun
GroupBuy Roundup

Rosetta Stone Homeschool Online - Save up to 41% + Get BONUS SmartPoints - Ends Sat., 7/4!

Rosetta Stone Homeschool Online - Save up to 41% + Get BONUS SmartPoints

It's LAST CALL for members to save up to 41% on Rosetta Stone Homeschool Online flexible subscription options of 24-month family packs, or 6-, 12-, or 24-month and Lifetime single-user subscriptions. Plus earn BONUS SmartPoints (10 SmartPoints per $1 spent).

Rosetta Stone Homeschool Online subscriptions include access on any device to all levels of the world's best language learning, printable reports, progress data, and the Supplemental Education Materials program as well as the ability to download lessons to your mobile device to continue learning offline.


Math Mammoth - Save 40% - Ends Mon., 7/6!

Math Mammoth - Save 40%

Save 40% on Math Mammoth!

Math Mammoth is a hugely popular math curriculum created by Maria Miller, a math teacher, and passionate homeschool math advocate. In this offer, you will find a comprehensive library of PDF math worktexts, workbooks, and a complete math curriculum for grades 1-8 available as a digital download or in CD format.

Catch these savings before they end Mon., 7/6!


Greenlight Debit Card - Get 1 Month FREE + 2,000 SmartPoints

Greenlight Debit Card - Get 1 Month FREE + 2,000 SmartPoints

The Greenlight debit card provides tools you need to raise financially smart kids. The app available on iOS and Android helps families manage daily finances and encourages kids to explore lessons in earning, spending, saving, and giving. The app also parents to choose the exact stores where their children can spend, manage chores and allowances, set parent-paid interest rates on savings, and more.

Members get one month FREE + receive 2,000 Bonus SmartPoints! - 2 Months for $5 + Get 200 SmartPoints - 2 Months for $5 + Get 200 SmartPoints

Award-winning is a complete grade PreK-2 online curriculum. With more than 8,500 standards-based learning activities, your child will learn through 1,500+ brand-new books, puzzles, games, videos, songs, art activities, and much more. also works on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Get 2 Months of for only $5. Your subscription includes 1 parent profile and up to 3 children. Plus, Co-op members get 200 SmartPoints.

CuriosityStream - Only $19.99 + BONUS SmartPoints

CuriosityStream - Only $19.99 + BONUS SmartPoints

Exclusively through the Co-op, members can get an annual standard subscription for the award-winning streaming online service, CuriosityStream, for only $19.99 plus get 1,000 SmartPoints!

CuriosityStream's library of 2,400+ educational shows and documentaries covers science, nature, history, technology, society, and lifestyle - accessible anytime, anywhere, on mobile, tablet, computer, and TV.

ReadingIQ - 2 Months for $5 + Get 500 SmartPoints

ReadingIQ - 2 Months for $5 + Get 500 SmartPoints

The Co-op is pleased to present an exclusive offer for Reading IQ from the creators of award-winning Students between the ages of 2-12 have unlimited access for all devices to thousands of popular book titles at their fingertips - anytime & anywhere!

ReadingIQ subscriptions includes a parent profile and up to three (3) children per account. Get 2 Months of ReadingIQ for only $5.

Adventure Academy - 2 Months for $5 + Get 200 SmartPoints

Adventure Academy - 2 Months for $5 + Get 200 SmartPoints

Does your child like educational games, videos, puzzles, and more? The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to offer members 2 Months for Only $5 for up to three students to Adventure Academy, a fully immersive virtual 3-D universe from the creators of

Students in elementary and middle school are invited to join the ranks of young scholars at Adventure Academy and access unlimited learning adventures building critical knowledge skills in math, language arts, science, social studies, and more! And if purchased this month, receive 200 SmartPoints!

Shmoop - Exclusive Offer + Bonus SmartPoints

Shmoop - Exclusive Offer + Bonus SmartPoints

Award-winning Shmoop, provides online courses, teaching guides, test prep, and more! Shmoop offers a comprehensive suite of academically rigorous teaching materials with a teen-friendly, approachable style. Shmoop's content is created by subject-matter experts from top Ph.D. and masters programs.

Members receive exclusive savings plus bonus SmartPoints on a variety of subscription options.


Virtua - Exclusive Premium Curriculum Collection

Virtua - Exclusive Premium Curriculum Collection

Virtua is a premium homeschool curriculum collection designed to provide cutting-edge, affordable education for your child and giving you the support you need to focus on what's important to you.

Virtua includes award-winning, multi-subject curriculum offerings, including our cornerstone product Virtua School, a tried and tested intelligent tool that combines learning science, artificial intelligence to supercharge your children's education.

For a limited time, you can get access to Virtua for only $1 for your first month. Plus, when you try Virtua you get 5,000 SmartPoints.

Deals of the Day - Today Only!
TODAY ONLY (July 2, 2020), purchase any of these Deals of the Day and receive Bonus SmartPoints. Don't miss these BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET!

Discovery Education Streaming Plus - Save 60% + Get 500 SmartPoints

Discovery Education Streaming Plus - Save 60% + Get 500 SmartPoints

Members tell us time and again that their Discovery Education Streaming subscription is one of the best educational purchases they have ever made. (See their testimonials.) And no wonder! With over 150,000 educational videos and "objects" on virtually every subject under the sun, enhanced with teaching guides, simulations, and much more, Discovery Education streaming Plus can supplement virtually every subject in your homeschool curriculum.

Save 60% today and we'll throw in 500 SmartPoints as a Deal of the Day.

MyBoardShare - FREE* Shipping + Get 6,000 SmartPoints

MyBoardShare - FREE* Shipping + Get 6,000 SmartPoints

MyBoardShare is a portable technology that lets you convert any hard surface (e.g., wall) into a virtual, interactive whiteboard that allows parents, tutors, and co-op groups to create an enjoyable learning environment. MyBoardShare gives educators and students the ability to create, capture, and collaborate.

Members receive FREE Shipping (*continental U.S. only) and 6,000 SmartPoints as a Deal of the Day with their purchase of MyBoardShare today from the Co-op!

Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks eBook Edition - Save 50% + Get 250 SmartPoints

Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks eBook Edition - Save 50% + Get 250 SmartPoints

Members save 50% on various eBook Editions of the homeschooling classic 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum by Cathy Duffy, a nationally known curriculum reviewer. In 102 Top Picks, Cathy narrows the focus and simplifies the curriculum selection process with questionnaires and charts. Plus, your purchase includes charts showing the 102 Top Picks in relation to educational approaches, learning styles, and practical features such as prep time needed and much more.

Plus, if purchased today as a Deal of the Day, you will also receive 250 SmartPoints!

FieldTripZoom - Save 20% + Get 400 SmartPoints

FieldTripZoom  - Save 20% + Get 400 SmartPoints

Field trips are an important part of most homeschoolers' experiences. But, until now, we've been limited to destinations within driving distance. FieldTripZoom brings a new world of exciting field trips directly into our homes via interactive, live-streamed video events with leading museums, science centers, historical sites, zoos, aquariums, performing arts organizations, and more.

A 1-year subscription to FieldTripZoom costs $49.95, but members' price is $39.96 -- a 20% savings! Plus as a Deal of the Day today, you will also get 400 SmartPoints.

Deals of the Week
Our Deals of the Week are the BEST DEALS ANYWHERE, but for a limited time only, so don't delay.

NOTE: The Deals of the Week SmartPoints listed below will be awarded based on purchases from 6/28 - 7/4 and are awarded at the time of purchase. For the products with Bonus SmartPoints, after this Saturday (unless otherwise noted), we will continue to offer the BEST DEAL ON THE PLANET for them but the SmartPoints will be reduced or removed altogether. - Save 20% + Get 500 SmartPoints - Save 20% + Get 500 SmartPoints

Members save 20% off the price of a Gold Membership for the entire family (one parent and up to 5 students) to, a safe and fun place for kids to learn and play chess.

By subscribing to, your child will not only learn the rules and strategies of chess but she will also improve her game, memorization skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, too.

Purchase this week as a Deal of the Week and you earn 500 Bonus SmartPoints!

Q Wunder - Save 33% + Get 750 SmartPoints

Q Wunder - Save 33% + Get 750 SmartPoints

Award-winning life skills curriculum, Q Wunder, from EQtainment is a comprehensive parent and kid friendly curriculum for teaching kids in grades Pre-K through 5 social and emotional skills. Children join Q on fun adventures fueled by valuable, research-based lessons. Appearances by Q’s celebrity friends help to amplify the fun!

Members save 33% on the Q Wunder Digital Bundle. Plus, if purchased this week as a Deal of the Week, you'll also receive 750 SmartPoints.

Brainology - Save up to 53% + Get 350 SmartPoints

Brainology - Save up to 53% + Get 350 SmartPoints

Perhaps you'd like to add something different to your school year with a program focused on study skills and why everyone can learn. Brainology is an online, animated program that teaches brain science and study skills to middle school and high school students.

With Brainology, your students will get information as to why everyone can learn, and why learning requires time, effort and practice. You can save up to 53% and also receive 350 SmartPoints, if you purchase this week as a Deal of the Week. You'll receive your sign up information minutes after placing your order!

It's ELECTIVES Month at the Co-op! If you're looking for award-winning electives to add to your new school year curriculum, click here to see the BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET for:

Plus, if purchased by Friday, July 31st, many of the offers include Bonus SmartPoints. - Save up to 40% + Get 500 SmartPoints - Save up to 40% + Get 500 SmartPoints offers state-approved driver education for ages 14 and up in all states that certify online drivers education: California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. (Note: Minnesota is an at-home book course.)

In all other states (except Utah, Indiana, Nebraska, and Florida), offers quality driver education that teaches teens essential safe-driving information and can provide potential savings on auto insurance.

You'll not only save up to 40% but, as part of this month's special Bonus SmartPoints offers, you'll also receive 500 SmartPoints.

Digital Theatre Plus - Save 62% + Get 500 SmartPoints

Digital Theatre Plus - Save 62% + Get 500 SmartPoints

Digital Theatre Plus is a unique London-based Fine Arts program where your students can experience the thrill of live theater brought directly into your homeschool classroom using online access. It also includes access to study guides with features such as story introductions, characters, relationship maps, plot summaries, context, playwrights, and much more!

This program retails for $200, but the Co-op offers a 1-year online subscription which includes all titles and features for only $75 - a savings of 62%! What's more, if you purchase as a Deal of the Month, you'll also score 500 SmartPoints!

Free Curriculum!

FREE Curriculum from ClickSchooling

FREE Curriculum from ClickSchooling

Does it seem like you spend countless hours searching the internet for resources, games, worksheets, and more for your children? Well, look no further!

The Co-op is pleased to offer our members a database of free curriculum and other educational resources from our ClickSchooling partner. This week, we offer these free curriculum discoveries and their ClickSchooling reviews. Also, you can sign up for your free daily (Monday - Saturday) curriculum ideas.

Please let us know if YOU find any great educational websites!
In the Pipeline

In the Pipeline Intro with Ordered List

These Special Offers and GroupBuy savings are "in the bag". See What's Coming!

For some, there are a few more details to be worked out before we can go live. We hope to take these GroupBuys live in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Cathy Duffy Reviews
By special arrangement with Cathy Duffy (author of the book "102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum"), Co-op members hear about Cathy's latest reviews:

Don't forget that the Co-op has BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET for many of
Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks!

Get the Best Deal Anywhere for Cathy Duffy Top Picks.

And, if you're not sure which curriculum might be right for your child, take a look at Cathy's 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum -- and save 50% on the various eBook editions, if you purchase through the Co-op!
Homeschool Garden

Homeschool Garden

Homeschool Garden

If you have been digging around for that sunny spot online with helpful tips, homeschooling knowledge, DIY lessons, regular encouragement and a harvest of other interesting topics, then come on by and visit our Homeschool Garden.

Our goal is to help you to cultivate the fields of home educating your seedlings, grow your homeschool confidence and reap the fruits of your labor.

Check out our latest posts:

Visit our Homeschool Garden today.
Just for Fun

Do you have any videos, games, jokes, quotes, or other light-hearted or inspirational Internet discoveries that you would like to share with us? Tell us about it.
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