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I am so happy to have found Math Mammoth. I am using the Blue Series with my daughter to get her ready for the 5th Grade Light Blue Series. My son will be using the 1st grade Lt. Blue books in September. There is just the right amount of practice and I love that it is self teacher's manual required! My daughter is building confidence in her math skills and loves the challenging puzzle boxes. What a great series! Thanks Maria!
Susan T., Co-op Member
We absolutely love Math Mammoth and so do both of my girls, in different grades. The method is easy to understand for them (and for me to help them) and yet thorough and comprehensive. My daughter is doing so much better since she started this program and I feel like my youngest daughter is starting off on the right foot too!
A Demientieff, Co-op Member
This is a great program. I have found it very helpful using it as a supplement and giving extra practice with different math skills.
Christine B, Co-op Member
I purchased Math Mammoth to use in tutoring students. I chose Math Mammoth because it is set up so that students are taught to understand how and why math is used. It is explicit in the different approaches to solving problems. Most math programs teach how to solve a problem but not why and only use the standard approach and don't break down the steps as well.
Kim Taylor,, Co-op Member
This is our first year homeschooling because we wanted to travel. We started doing Singapore Standard Edition because that is what she was doing at her former school. I immediately realize that despite an MBA and a pretty good math background, I had no idea what I should be doing to teach the lessons. So we stated looking for something else, challenging, but that I could understand and teach. We selected MM and also are using CTC Math because of the videos, a perfect combination. I like that MM is a printable since we do not always have in...(more)
MaryLu C, Co-op Member
We have been floundering the past couple of years, trying to find math curriculum that works for my son. Math Mammoth is solid and will work. It's obvious where his shortcomings are and they have product targeting them. My biggest regret is that we didn't start with it. It's much more advanced than others we've tried, so my 6th grader might be 4th grade on one topic, 5th grade at another, 6th on some. It's messy this year but we're trying to find level ground.
Donna, Co-op Member
We have used an "advanced" math program; my 3 boys needed more real understanding and mastery, not just regurgitation. We went back one year and started working more on basics...I am very happy with that decision, I love the way they have to think, not just repeat steps. They love the patterns and the puzzlers and the fact there is not so much "busy work". I wish I had started with Math Mammoth sooner.
Nancy R., Co-op Member
A letter to Math Mammoth from a Co-op Member: "Hello Maria, I want to thank you for creating this wonderful, multi-layered, teachable, hands on, interactive, and thorough math curriculum. I have been homeschooling my 7 year old daughter from day one. We started with Saxon 1st grade at the age of 5. Then last Oct. we started 2nd grade with K-12. I am amazed to tell you that after she took the MathMammoth 1st grade, end of the year test, she scored 105. However, after she took the 2nd grade, end of the year test, she scored 56. There were 6 topic...(more)
Iris E., Co-op Member
We started using Math Mammoth during this school year and we love it. My children and I love it so much better than the last math curriculum we had been using. We purchased the full set which also has the Gold & Green and I am so glad I did. The extra worksheets available are fabulous. I love that we have the next level already so when we finish one, we move directly on! The value is wonderful and the product has proven to be above our expectations.
D. Ray, Co-op Member
We bought this program as I felt that the math program that accompanied our curriculum was lacking. I'm very pleased to share that not only is this curriculum comprehensive, but my kids love it! For the great discount provided here, it was well worth the investment. We will get many years of use from this excellent program.
Jenna P., Co-op Member
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