Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Co-op.

What are the system requirements?

To ensure your system meets the technical requirements for Kaplan, please click here.

Kaplan resources should work in any browser or mobile device. If someone is having any tech issues, they can call 1-800-KAPTEST for technial support or see Kaplan's FAQs page.

At what age is it appropriate to begin the Kaplan SAT online course?

On average, students begin the Kaplan SAT Online Prep around the age of 15, or their sophomore year. There are some students that begin in their junior year.

Do the SAT online prep programs score the 2 practice tests?

Yes. When your student takes the practice tests, the software will automatically score everything, except the essay. The essay is graded online by a Kaplan Instructor and the results should be available in a few days.

How are the SAT online programs different from the Kaplan SAT/ACT/PSAT Platinum 2007 software product?

Other than price -- the software retails for $49.95 -- the main difference is that there is no “instruction” included in Platinum product, as there is in the online programs. In the Platinum product, students take a practice test, get their results, but then have to go through a book and teach themselves. In the online programs, a virtual teacher instructs students, making it much more user friendly.

Can multiple students share the same account?

No. The SAT programs are designed for use by an individual student. The SAT program tracks the student’s progress, and varies the questions based on their answers. What's more, the student user can take each of the four full-length practice tests only once. So, if you tried to use the same account for two students, neither of them would get the full value of the program.

How much time is recommended each day to work on the Kaplan SAT or ACT Prep?

Kaplan recommends that students study at least one hour per night. Of course, there is little harm in studying for more than one hour per night.

Is there a way to adjust the amount of time a student has to do the practice questions and tests?

Yes, Simply go to the “controls” tab on the left side of the screen. Click to turn the test timing off.

I purchased through the Co-op and have started using the program, but I need some help. Who do I contact?

Please contact Kaplan directly. Their Customer Care is available from 9am – 7pm EST, 7 days a week. Calling (866-265-1645) or using live chat provides the quickest response while email may take up to 24 hours for a reply. On occasion someone might not be available via live chat b/c they are assisting other customers. Go to
Kaplan's Contact Us page for more support options.

What do I do if my question is not answered on this page?

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. We will answer your question and update this page as well.