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Art, Music & Theater Homeschool Curriculum

Welcome, art, music. and theater homeschool teachers! On the page you'll find the BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET for some of the most popular art and music homeschool curriculums used by homeschoolers today. (Get more Co-op savings.)

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Circle of ScholarsJULY07-01-2018Save 40%
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Homeschool Curriculum - Digital Theatre Plus
on Digital Theatre Plus 1-year online subscriptions -- LIVE Theatre in your homeschool classroom! For Ages 7 to Adult. FREE 14-Day Trial available! 
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Homeschool Curriculum - Shakespeare In Bits
on the award-winning Shakespeare In Bits 5-play bundle for grades 7-12. Individual plays available, too. Free trial version of a play available!  
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Save 35% on Shakespeare In Bits:
I am preparing to homeschool my child for the first time this fall and the Homeschool Planet planner has been tremendously helpful as I lesson-plan. I've struggled with feeling overwhelmed with all the preparation but this homeschool planner has helped me feel so organized now! It's very easy to use, it's colorful, and it's so affordable. It's been pleasure to use and I am very grateful that I've found it.
Soraya, Co-op Member
This has been the one most helpful product that we have used this year! It helps my student to be able to mark off work that is complete, and also I am able to put links to other work that needs to be done online that he can just go to from the calendar. It is also very helpful in helping my husband know exactly what we are doing and when we are doing it. Both of us have trouble remembering to tell each other things, so this has really helped us to be able to keep track of each others schedules.

This is something that I will be continui...(more)
Susan R., Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet is simply amazing! In 12 years of homeschooling, I've tried a number of digital planners but never before found one that was worth my time and effort, so I've stuck with paper schedules. Now I'm completely hooked on this wonderful tool, so much so that during the trial period, I took the time to enter our whole next school year for 2 kids! It allows me to converge my whole life in one place, integrating my Google Calendar (which is synced with my Outlook Calendar already), my shopping lists, my to-do lists, my daily and wee...(more)
Kelly Burgess, Co-op Member
I have been very happy with my purchase of this homeschool planner. I am new to teaching and wanted something that I could make changes in easily without having to rewrite the whole thing every time. This planner is fully customizable on your home computer and I really appreciate how easy it is to program my sons classes and lessons.

I also wanted something I could make changes to on my iPhone. This planner is not fully functional on my phone but I can make changes to the assignments and classes so it works for me. I hope in the near fut...(more)
Corina K., Co-op Member
Homeschooling three children, all at different levels, can be a challenge. We also have to track our hours to meet state requirements. Homeschool Planet has made my life so much easier! Now, if it would weed my garden and tend to the laying hens. Maybe in a future update.

I love this system. I can plan as far out as I want. Each student can access their own schedule, to include links to websites. It is making them feel more invested in their education. I have used the program for more than a year and I plan on continuing. If you w...(more)
A. Lewis, Co-op Member
I'm a new subscriber to Homeschool Planet and I love it! I've tried several planning tools for our school, but until I found this product, I didn't feel like I had a resource that could do everything all in one product. My kids like having a daily list where they can check off their progress and I like the convenience of everything being in one place. I'll definitely make this a part of our routine from now on. Only suggestion - please make a place to track curriculum and products used. It would be helpful to know what we already have on h...(more)
Lorie Allen, Co-op Member
I have tried many different ways of setting up my sons lessons in the past nine years. Homeschool Planet is the best that I have found. I not only keep track of my sons lessons, but all family commitments in one place. LOVE IT!!!!
Trudy, Co-op Member
I have attempted many different ways of tracking attendance, grades, hours, and class plans. Homeschool Planner does all of these plus, many additional reports needed to track our homeschool plans. Schedules are so easy to change, leaving neat and orderly.

I highly recommend everyone to try Homeschool Planner.
Eli, Co-op Member
I recently purchased this great organizational tool through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. While I've not been using it long enough to have tried every feature that it has to offer (the many uses are vast) I love what I know about it thus far. One of my favorite features is the shopping list widget. I can add and delete items as I need to and send myself or my husbands texts with said lists. In addition to that, I can organize our curriculum, which can be complicated because we piece ours together, so this website is invaluable to us. I've tr...(more)
Dee Robin, Co-op Member
I can't tell you how incredibly helpful Homeschool Planet has been to our house. I have 4 children from preschool to middle school as well as work outside the home. I really have to plan out their schoolwork and stay on task as much as possible. I had been using a planner and google spreadsheet however that had it's limits and still took lots of planning each week and if something came up it really messed with our written plans. I came across a program that had a lesson plan for Homeschool Planet and tried the free trial. I was hooked! They rea...(more)
Jenny, Co-op Member
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