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Art, Music & Theater Homeschool Curriculum

Welcome, art, music. and theater homeschool teachers! On the page you'll find the BEST DEALS ON THE PLANET for some of the most popular art and music homeschool curriculums used by homeschoolers today. (Get more Co-op savings.)

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Homeschool Curriculum - Shakespeare In Bits
on the award-winning Shakespeare In Bits 5-play bundle for grades 7-12. Individual plays available, too. Free trial version of a play available!  
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Homeschool Curriculum - Digital Theatre Plus
on Digital Theatre Plus 1-year online subscriptions -- LIVE Theatre in your homeschool classroom! For Ages 7 to Adult. FREE 14-Day Trial available! 
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Save 62% on Digital Theatre Plus:
My household has truly been blessed by Homeschool Planet. This has been the first year for a while that the children are on target with their lessons. The accountability has been great, with Dad able to view each child's progress throughout the day. Checking off things accomplished during the day has also been a motivation for the children and for myself (the mom). It has also been great for my oldest who is in college and lives at home. He can see where we are during the day and we can see in general where he is during that day. This progr...(more)
Mrs. Joy T., Co-op Member
I am so happy I have found this platform. It makes it so simple to create classes and record grades. I don't use all the bells and whistles and still thrilled to have this tool to use. The kids find it super easy to pull up on their phones and know what they have to do for the day. I would highly recommend this online planner.
S Filing, Co-op Member
I want to thank you for a great homeschool planner. With Homeschool Planet, this has been our best year of homeschooling. This is the first year in six years of homeschooling that I am organized and the kids love knowing what they have to do for the entire week and can work ahead if they wish. In the past I was always overwhelmed with having to essentially write out four planners: mine, and one for each of my three children. I can type way faster than I can write. When life happens and I need to adjust the schedule, I can do so easily in Homesc...(more)
DeAnn C., Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has decreased the time I have to spend on administrative tasks. I am usually pleasantly surprised when I am looking for a specific solution and email support - it's either already there or in the process. My parents like receiving the weekly progress emails so they can stay on top of what their kids are doing. I will definitely continue to use it! I have told other homeschool moms about this wonderful program.
Connie Herrick, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has been a wonderful and much needed addition to our homeschool program. Using Homeschool Planet has made scheduling much easier and has given me control over my organization. Both of my kids love having the daily plan printed out to see exactly what needs to be done and has given them more opportunities for independence in their work.

I have tried two products that were kind of similar, but neither of them were as user-friendly or as complete as Homeschool Planet. I will continue using Homeschool Planet and have and...(more)
Debra G., Co-op Member
Simply the best Program out there in terms of functionality and ease of use. Keep up the good work!
Robert James, Co-op Member
I loved it! I just started homeschooling and Homeschool Planet made my life extremely simple and organized. When I had questions, I was able to find the answers I need on the videos. I definitely would recommend this to any homeschooler, whether rookie or veteran. Thanks!
CM, Co-op Member
Homeschool-Planet is by far the best planner our family has used. It is intuitive and is super flexible. If we miss a day, I simply click a button and all the assignments move forward one day (or however many days I need it to move).

Each of my kids have their own login with his individualized assignment page to check off as he completes his assignments. Honestly the hardest part is making sure the kids check off their assignments as they complete them.

I can keep track of grades and missing assignments. At the end of the year, I c...(more)
Erin Mitchell, Co-op Member
The Homeschool-Planet planner is absolutely amazing. My kids love the fact that it gives them the independence to know what they need to do and when it is due and I can allow them access to mark it as completed. When I log in I can see what is done and what they are behind in. I love it because they are not asking me all the time "What do I need to do?" I also use it for their chores, MY CHORES, and things I need to do for our family in general. Everything can be color coded (another feature that I LOVE!!). I am the type that at the beginn...(more)
Mom of 3, Co-op Member
My first year homeschooling- I tried a few other schedulers. Homeschool Planet is easy to use and has been essential in keeping me organized. I am very happy with this product!!
JD, Co-op Member
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