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Resource:Groundwater Foundation - Students and Educators
Provider:National Ground Water Association
Summary:Age Range: 5-18 (Grades K-12, with parental supervision). This website, sponsored by the National Ground Water Association, archives free lessons and activities (housed on other websites such as the EPA, USGS, etc.) designed to help students learn the science behind ground water, which makes up "90% of all available fresh water in the world."
Description:When you get to the site, to get right to the activities and lessons for grades K-12, use the left sidebar menu to view:
  • What is Groundwater? - After clicking the link and the page loads, select the "Learn more!" text link to learn about the importance of groundwater and its threats, wells, the hydrologic cycle, center pivots, and more. The "Learning Opportunities" link provides access to apps, webinars, and lectures.
  • Activities Library - Use the filters on this page to refine your search by grade level topic, duration of the activity, and category
  • Our Most Popular Activities - Check out the experiments you can do at home designed to teach about groundwater including making an aquifer model in a cup or a hydrogeology experiment on surface water-groundwater interactions.
  • In Your Classroom - Here you will find information, tools, and training videos for teaching about groundwater.
  • Games and Puzzles - On this page, you will find word puzzles, a maze, a coloring sheet, and a link to the free Water1der mobile app
There are a lot of links to activities in this archive, and we did find a few that led to error messages, but that shouldn't be a deterrent from using the many resources available at the site.
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