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After using several other online planners over the years, it's such a relief to find Homeschool Planet. It's extremely user friendly, organized and their customer service is top notch. I've told several friends about it, and I would highly recommend Homeschool Planet to anyone thinking of trying it out.

Thank you for such a valuable resource! :)
Katie W., Co-op Member
I searched high and low for a planner that would work for my family. I looked into paper planners, printable ones, in Pinterest, read lots of reviews and tried several free trials of online versions. I found some to be very cumbersome and involved. I almost felt so committed to other programs simply because it took me so long to even get started that it was hard to walk away from all my hard work. I not only wanted something streamlined but with a few bells and whistles. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye was also important. It's a girl thing! T...(more)
Rena Acevez, Co-op Member
I love this product. I was able to input information for both of my children. The layout is great and it's easy to navigate.
Tesha, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has become a staple in our homeschool since we started our 30 day trial. I've never been able to find such a comprehensive, intelligent system at such a good price before. The rescheduling feature is vital to our homeschool, and keeps us accountable.
Shannen E., Co-op Member
I absolutely LOVE this planner! There are 4 adults and 2 children (20 months and 8 yrs old) living in my home and things get pretty crazy around here. My husband and I homeschool the 8 yr old. I use this planner more so for keeping track of everyone's comings and goings, dr. appts, family outings, weddings, etc. Since we all work together to care for the children, this planner has been a God-send for each of us knowing when or if we can schedule something that won't interfere with another's plan. The fact that everyone gets a daily digest sent...(more)
Cathy W., Co-op Member
This is our second year using Homeschool Planet as our homeschool planner and we are loving it! It's very user friendly and we were able to learn as we went without sacrificing too much time unlike other online planners we looked at that seemed to require countless hours learning. I really appreciate the flexibility it offers in moving classes as needed and editing assignments, as well as the Grade Reports and Transcripts. Overall we have been very pleased with Homeschool Planet and will continue to use it!
Amy E., Co-op Member
1 week into the free trial, I enthusiastically purchased the full membership. This has changed the way we do school in such a positive way. Now I can do lesson plans easily. Adjusting lesson plans is easy now also. No more erasing weeks of writing, moving sticky notes around, etc. I can just click a couple boxes and Homeschool Planet adjusts my schedule for me.

In the morning, my son can sign in and know what he can expect for the day and even start working on his own because everything can be put in the lesson plans, even links and instr...(more)
Rhiannon, Co-op Member
I searched everywhere on the internet, then found Homeschool Planet. It's just what I needed. It's very easy to use and looks great. Setting my kids profiles up was simple and quick. I love how easy it is to reschedule skipped lessons.

Whenever there's a problem (which is rare) the techs get right on it. Also, whenever I have a question or suggestion, they reply to my emails very quickly. This was definitely worth every penny.
SM, Co-op Member
I found it! The e-planner I've been dreaming of for the past 3 years has been in found Homeschool Planet. I've tried an app based program, but it didn't cross over across multiple devices. Then I tried a popular e-planner tracker with promises of easy to use lesson plans and reports...reality hit in the first few weeks when I realized the "easy to use" lesson planning wasn't so easy. I thought I had entered an entire quarter of planning only to realize I didn't do it correctly. Their customer service responded with a list of FAQ video links; th...(more)
C Cortez, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has been amazing for me and my family. It helps me keep track of my multiple kids school schedules and grades it even helps me out on grading by letting me just enter a grade and it calculates the end grade for me. My kids love it to. I haven't found anything else like it and plan to use it for a very long time. I have told friends, family and people on facebook all about it.
Emily Spicer, Co-op Member
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