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My kids and I loved this! It was wonderful to be able to search for the topic we were working on during the day and see a high-quality movie about it. I could sit back and have a short break while they were still learning and they were so interested in it, they wouldn't move a muscle until the movie was over. They especially loved the slow-motion, up-close shots of animals so that they could really study them, which wouldn't be possible in real life. They also loved the Liberty's Kids cartoons, though they wished that they had them all and ...(more)
R. Hight, Co-op Member
I tried this program with the free trial for one month. My kids and I were so impressed that we became subscribers.
We are homeschoolers and this program had definitely enhanced our curriculum.
Robin Andreasen, Co-op Member
This is just the sort of educational material we needed to expand her knowledge base! I highly recommend this to be included in every child's curriculum. My daughter loves the videos and looks forward to them.
Marlene B., Co-op Member
Our family enjoys using Discovery-education streaming Plus! There are videos and programs covering every subject area and for grades pre-K through adult education. It is wonderful to have instant access to information and videos covering so many topics. We will continue to subscribe to this each year.
Susan M., Co-op Member
Great Product. Easy to use. Endless learning opportunities on hand at the time most convenient to the user. Kids love the live video for learning.
R. Daughtry, Co-op Member
This product saved our lives last year. Our son has medical issues and sometimes having to have his nose in a book isn't the answer. We used Discovery Education Streaming Plus for every topic when needed and sometimes just for enrichment. It is worth every penny. It has great science lab ideas, terrific grammar and writing explanations as well as fabulous documentaries for history, geography etc. We give it 5 gold stars!
Jenny L., Co-op Member
I am happy with this purchase. I use the discovery education videos to supplement my son's homeschool curriculum. It's another way to present the material, helping to solidify concepts and build on what he has learned.
Dee, Co-op Member
I only have positive things to say about Discovery Education Streaming. I use it absolutely every day of the week. From science to history, and also for exercise and math, it is by far my best investment. When we have a rainy day, the children ask me to find something on DE for them to watch. You can't beat that!
Jennifer W., Co-op Member
Discovery Education Streaming Plus is a great resource covering a vast number of topics. It is very well worth it. There is a another site that is nowhere near as comprehensive or extensively supported with supporting materials.
BJ, Co-op Member
Thank you SO much for making this subscription available to homeschoolers! This is a wonderful program, and I believe it will benefit our science learning tremendously!
D. Hockman, Co-op Member
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