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Save Up To 60% on Always Icecream/Clever Dragons:

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My two boys joined Clever Dragons just over a year ago. They are 8 and 10 year of age. They really love this program. It has wonderful learning games on subjects that I have not been able to find on other websites or if I did I would have to have them switching between sites. This is all in one. My boys can interact with other kids on Clever Dragons. They can chat with each other through their computers. They design clothes and compete to sell them and get into the top 30 stores. They also compete each month for the top 50 highest points and wi...(more)
Donna, Co-op Member
Our daughter adores Always Ice cream. It makes learning fun!!! Seeing our daughter take such delight in learning and playing we had to purchase the Always Ice Cream homeschool apps for our iPad so she can play as we travel.
Doreen M, Co-op Member
My son has loved Clever Dragons. He especially enjoys the ability to publish a paper with whatever he wants (he usually does jokes or discussion of archetecture) and that he gets feedback from other kids on his publications. He began to get on and play. I love that there are specific areas you can assign to your kids first so there is some control of the areas they frequent. He would play for hours if we let him, doing review questions, caring for his pets and making newspapers.
Beth S., Co-op Member
My 8 yr. old loved it so I purchased the lifetime membership. She has learned so much and enjoys the scoops and medals for rewards. She loves being creative by decorating her Minnie me and castle. She loves writing in the newspaper, taking care of pets, designing things for her shop, and watching the educational videos.
Ms. Ashley, Co-op Member
My girls have enjoyed playing and learning on Always Icecream. It's a safe site I can allow them to use without concern of content. I have recommended it to friends. It is a great value!
Cynthia C, Co-op Member
My 2 oldest girls really enjoy Always icecream - it's a fun way to do "more school" -I like how I can trust the content on it and how I can get weekly updates on what they have been doing on the site. It is a great encouragement for my girls to get their regular school done and have them still be learning while on the computer. My initial reason for trying it was the typing option and they are doing well with it. We will continue to use it and when my other girls get older, we will get them accounts too.
Helen M, Co-op Member
My 7 year old son enjoys the Little Dragons membership. He has fun while learning and that makes me feel good about rewarding him with computer time. Thanks, Homeschool Buyers Co-op for the great lifetime membership pricing.
Dawn M., Co-op Member
I have to say that I really don't understand what it is about this program that my kids like, but they do. This program teaches them information in a trivia sort of way, but there's also learning videos on all sorts of topics for them to learn from. It's a great thing to fill in any gaps you might be worried about and also let them learn other fun things like dog breeds. I know my kids really like some of the games and the ability to design items for their castle. They love being able to earn coins for pets, too.

I bought the parent ...(more)
M Green, Co-op Member
We LOVE Clever Dragons! It's so awesome that there is a site that is faith based, educational, and a safe place for our son to play online! If you have a girl that you are seeking out the same environment for online be sure to grab Always Icecream just for girls from the same people who made Clever Dragons. You will not be disappointed. Thanks to Always Icecream and Homeschool Buyers Co-op for offering another amazing deal.
Melissa M., Co-op Member
My children couldn't wait to play Always-Icecream each day! They didn't realize they were learning and doing "school" work during Summer break! Always-Icecream is a necessary resource that I would add to any curriculum!
Casie B., Co-op Member
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